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Hello, my name is Raymond L. Hilstad. I took stunt training in the U.S. in 1999 and has since traveled across the Atlantic several times to train and work as an instructor. I also worked during several stays as a stuntman, director, sfx artist, editor, PA and cameraman on a number of small film and live show productions.

I'm a stuntman and Sfx Artist, but much of my expertise lies in Action choreography where I can tailor battle and action scenes for film and TV productions.

-Height 172cm
-Weight 72kg
-Hair Dark Blonde


Courses and Certificates
-Kahana Stunt School 1999
-Kahana Stunt School Instructor sertificate 2002
-Special Effects & Pyrotechnics. Part 1 & 2. 2005
-Diving-NAUI # 19647 2002
-Parachute Course (static line) 1999
-Firstaid course: Level 2
-Climbing and Safety Course (basic) 2005
-Driving license: A, BE, CE, DE
-Crane: G4, G7, G8, G10, G11
-Forklift: T1 & T4

Cell (+47)98445737


-Gone (2017)

-Google Films (2016)
-Big Beard Scott video (2016)
-MASBTV (2016)
-Pålen (2016)
-I Love You Because (2015)
-The Fjords: All In (2015)
-Sensei "trailer" (2007)
-The Day Of The Snake (2007)
-So you want to be a stuntman "trailer" (2007)
-Stunts Behind The Scenes (2007)
-Spiderman 3. IMAX. st petersburg FL "Liveshow" (2007) 
-This Job Is A Trip. Travel Channel. (2006)

-Tommy Trubble McTague stunts (2005)  
-Kahanas Stunt School promo (2005)

-Blunt Movie(2013)
-The Kahana Family (2004)

-Terra-Cotta Challenge #1 "Liveshow" (2003)






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